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Sign up to receive sale alerts, news about upcoming celestial events, and telescope tips from our experts! Auxiliary AUX Ports were designed to expand your computerized telescope ability to interface with multiple devices to work coherently and smoothly. While the hand controller port is solely for the hand controller, you can also use an AUX port to use your hand controller especially if the hand controller port is not working or blocked for some reason.

The AUX ports cannot be used to sync your computer, autoguiders, and non-Celestron technology. The Autoguider will have its own port. LCMSkyProdigy. How do I balance my telescope on an Equatorial mount? Your equatorial mount must be balanced in both axes, if you want to be able Love Astronomy and Saving Money? Sign Up. Please let us know what topics you are interested in. Telescopes Sport Optics Microscopes.

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Meade #909 Accessory Port Module for LX90 07506

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meade aux port

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. LXD75 aux port? Started by cannonNov 12 PM. Please log in to reply. Posted 12 November - PM Maybe some one in this section can tell me what it is used for? The computer connects to the hand box of the so what is the aux ports function on the control panel? I don't know if there still is a Meade focuser that could plug directly into the AUX port, but I seem to recall that there was, at least at some point. The APM module also plugs into the AUX port and provides power and an interface for a focuser, corded reticle and guide port.

Back to Open Chat. Sign In Need an account? Register now! I've forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list.You can also explore other items in the Telescope Accessories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of Meade Telescope Accessories has been discontinued and no longer available. Please, choose from our wide selection of other telescope accessoriesincluding telescope eyepieces, filters, camera adapters, CCD imagers, telescope computer controllers, software and more, by MeadeCelestronTeleVueVixenZhumell. Please click here for more information. It provides Autostar handbox control of an optional electric focuser for visual and photographic use and optional corded illuminated reticle eyepieces for guided long exposure astrophotography.

It also provides a port for a CCD autoguider for long exposure automatically-guided astrophotos. Meade Accessory Port Module attaches to the rear cell of the Meade LX90 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopesjust under the visual back and star diagonal.

A bracket attaches permanently to the scope, using a supplied hex wrench and socket-head screws. Meade snaps into place in the bracket. While Meade Accessory Port Module is easily removed by pulling forward on a clip at the top of the bracket and sliding the downwards, the module is also small enough to be left in place permanently. Meade Port Module connects to the AUX port of the scope's computer control panel by means of a supplied coiled cord.

The Autostar hand control can control the speed and direction of focus of an optional electric focuser plugged into Meade Port Module. It is powered by the LX90's power source.

Technical info on 909 and Aux Bus

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meade aux port

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Meade #909 Accessory Port Module for LX90 07506

Meade LS 3. Meade Series 8mmmm Zoom Eyepiece 1. Meade Series 1. Meade No 45 Degree Erecting Prism, 1. Meade Eyepiece Holder 1. Meade A Diagonal Prism 1. Meade 45 degree 1. Meade 1. Meade Variable Polarizing Filter 1. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Tap Tap to Zoom. Product Videos.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

This new mount is compact, yet sturdy, providing a great combination of portability and performance. Additionally, the LX65 has the ability to hold two optical tubes, making your experience twice as enjoyable! The LX65 system breaks down into 3 compact pieces and does not require any tools, making it a breeze to transport to your favorite dark sky location! This versatile scope features two dovetail receivers that allow you to use two optical tubes at once, for a chance to observe your objects both in wide field or close up!

The main saddle can hold up to 14lbs, while the secondary saddle can hold up to 7lbs. This added versatility makes the LX65 great for astronomy outreach or sharing the night sky with others and will be sure to impress anyone with its technology and optics. Enter your site information, find level and North, and Easy Align picks two alignment stars for you and places them right in your viewfinder. Center them to fine tune your alignment and the wonders of the Universe are at your fingertips.

This computerized celestial object location system plugs into the telescope's handbox port, allowing a quick telescope alignment. LX65 Series Manual. Be the first to review this product. Meade is now shipping limited quantities of the new LX65 Series telescopes to the U. Ability to hold two optical tubes at once!

Out of stock. SKU Product Description. Submit Review. Aux1 Port. Aux2 Port. Manuals LX65 Series Manual.The LX65 mount is a single straight arm alt-azimuth Go-To mount, powered either by eight C-type batteries or an external 12V power source.

There are two Vixen-style saddles; the main one for holding the supplied telescope and an additional one on the outer side for a second telescope that weighs up to 3.

This second saddle can be adjusted to line up the view exactly with the primary instrument. The mount is sturdy despite its outer plastic casing, which looks good in the blue livery complementing the optical system. Controlling the mount and providing functionality is the AudioStar hand controller. This plugs into the topmost of the ports on the back of the mount arm, clearly labelled HBX.

A removable bracket allows the hand box to be attached to the mount for convenience. The AudioStar also features audio voiceovers for objects in the database. In our visual test of the field of view it was pin sharp across the whole view — indeed, we also used our 32mm eyepiece, giving We set up and followed the instructions for levelling the system and chose the two star Easy Align option.

meade aux port

Once alignment was complete, we found all our chosen targets reasonably close to the centre of the view of the 26mm eyepiece. We took a tour of the double stars on offer and were impressed with the vivid colours the optics gave of Albireo, which at 78x was lovely and wide. Jupiter suffered from some low haze, but clearly showed belts, a hint of the Great Red Spot and plumes in the North Equatorial Belt, along with its four Galilean moons.

Saturn was slightly better. Using our own higher power eyepieces, we could see the Cassini Division, north polar haze and northern belt, as well as carefully spotting four of its moons. A week later the Moon was viewable and there were plenty of stunning craters to wow us. Although you can easily image the Moon and brighter planets with this system, it is not primarily marketed for astrophotography. This gives a flatter, coma-free surface right to the field edges and uses a slightly larger Borosilicate glass primary mirror with Ultra-High Transmission Coatings for brighter views of your targets.

However, this makes it ideal for high-resolution planetary and lunar viewing or imaging yet still gives good views of a wide range of deep-sky targets, especially double stars.

The catadioptric design makes such a long focal length quite compact, meaning that transportation and use are easier, with the optical tube assembly only weighing 5. The finder is a zero-magnification Red Dot Finder with variable brightness. It worked well, but could dew up over prolonged periods.

The focuser is at the back of the tube and was smooth in use. Either side of the 12V power connection port are two aux inputs for Meade accessories and future enhancements. The steel tubular-legged tripod provides good support for the LX65 and has adjustable legs, allowing for a range of heights for a more comfortable viewing position.

The eyepiece spreader tray gives the tripod rigidity and can hold three 1. The AudioStar hand controller is easy to use and has a database of 30, objects. It features an in-built speaker and audio descriptions for many of the brighter objects, adding an extra dimension to your viewing pleasure. The base contains the electronics and gears for alt-az operation and a battery compartment. It has an integrated carry handle and the hand controller can be attached for ease of use.

The hand controller plugs into the topmost of the ports on the back of the mount arm. Eye On The Sky Hubble views spiral galaxy as part of star formation survey. You may also like. Telescope mounts. Astronomy accessories. Sky-Watcher SynGuider review.It comes in two basic models:. Meade's advertising claimed that the had a full megabyte, and the had only a half-megabyte, but every anyone has investigated has had the full one megabyte, and Meade's Autostar Updater program is happy to load any with firmware.

InMeade produced a sightly updated It has a different display module only 14 pins on the connector, instead of 24 and lacks one chip the 74vc which the older display module required. The "new" pin display module is the same one used in theand in the Autostar II's handbox. In all of those mounts, the "brains" are in the telescope base and the handbox is merely a "dumb" peripheral which is not actually required for telescope operation.

Photographs of the insides of the and both models are here, along with sketches of the components. If you take off the covers of your Autostar, you'll find that it contains a two-sided circuit board. One side has all of the active components on it the "chips". The other, key-side, is harder to expose. It has only the soldered contact pads for the conductive dots on the keypad. Those solder pads can oxidize over time, and cleaning them can help restore poor keypad sensitivity.

The Autostar's computer "scans" the contact pads, looking for ones which have been "short circuited" by the conductive dots bridging the solder pad fingers. The computer portion of the Autostar is the Motorola 68HC That chip includes on-chip timers, parallel and serial ports and an analog-to-digital converter, which the Autostar uses to monitor the battery voltage.

The 68hc11 is an "8-bit" chip. It can only directly access "address" in computer-speak bytes of memory at once. That's its "address space". So how does it handle a megabyte of firmware? By "mapping" the megabyte into 32Kbyte "pages".

meade aux port

The 32KB static ram always occupies the lower 32, addresses the 68hc11 can reach, or "page zero". The upper 32, addresses can be "overlaid" or "mapped" by any 32KB piece of the Flash Ram.

Similar to flipping pages in a book: whichever page is on top at the moment contains the text you'll see. When the Autostar starts up, that lower 32KB static ram is empty. The initial state of the Flash Ram map part of a parallel port in the 68hc11 points to the page which has the Emergency Load instructions in it.

The internal hardware of the 68hc11 starts by fetching data from the top two bytes of its address space. Those two bytes are the "Reset Address", the place in the memory where the 68hc11 will begin executing instructions. Each program "page" of the Flash Ram contains the same data in the topmost 42 locations. If you're not holding down the Scroll Up and Enter key as the 68hc11 starts working, those initialization instructions tell the 68hc11 to "map" the second 32KB of Flash Ram into the active page.

That page contains 13, bytes of firmware which are used frequently enough or which -always- need to be accessible, such as the page mapper itself that they're moved into the lower 32KB ram for constant access. There is one more specialized chunk of memory in the Autostar.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Allows you to both operate and update your AutoStar equipped Meade telescope form your computer. May also be used with Meade NGC non- motorized models. Includes serial cord connector, USB Adapter sold separately. Autostar Suite Astronomer Edition shows the night sky, constellations, planet positions, and more for any location on Earth.

Controls any Meade telescope with a Autostar, allowing telescope control from the PC. Displays more than 15, celestial wonders: galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, stars and planets on your PC. This enables even the beginner to locate and identify objects to observe with the telescope and print out star charts for use in observing sessions.

Includes a 6 foot 4 pin to 6 pin serial cable with integrated AUX-to-serial converter and 6 pin to RS serial interface adapter. For Windows XP or higher.


USB support USB adapter sold separately is available for bit Vista or Windows 7 operating systems with use of a 64 bit driver available for free download at www. Be the first to review this product. Out of stock. SKU Camera Concepts Ontario Telescope. Product Description. Submit Review. Related Products. Quick View. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.