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Strength Matters. A strong truck is more than just a machine that can tow or haul significant amounts of weight. A strong truck also means it can stand up to anything you throw at it, and in this case, the Hino is clearly a stronger truck. The frame of the Hino resists bending better than the Isuzu NRR's frame, providing a more stable ride, especially when hauling heavy loads. Truck Center. Hino trucks are assembled in Woodstock, Ontario at asq. While Isuzu has an assembly facility in the U.

The Hino is known for providing an incredible visible range for the driver. Rather than take our word for it, why not try the Hino for yourself?

Take one for a test drive and experience the capable Hino for yourself. Give us a call, or click here to send us a message! Toggle navigation September Hino Woodstock Assembly Plant March How HinoWatch Roadside Assista January Why Service with Somerville Hi December Contact Us We're closed Leave us a voicemail or send us a message Give us a call, or click here to send us a message! Connect With Us. All Rights Reserved. Use of this site is subject to: terms of useprivacy policy.Choosing your next commercial vehicle or fleet?

Hino and Isuzu are two of the largest commercial truck manufacturers in North America, and compete head-to-head in most categories. When you need a reliable commercial truck that your business can rely on, going with a Hino is the right choice. Shop The Best. Just how do the two compare? Have a look for yourself:.

Looking for more power? Hino and Isuzu FTR deliver more strength and a higher payload for heavier hauling. See how these Class 6 diesel truck options face-off when put back to back:. Compare that with Isuzu trucks and their 3-year factory warranties and those extra two years of coverage add incredible value to any Hino truck. Also important to note is that Hino is developed by the trusted engineers at Toyota -- known for producing reliable, durable vehicles that stand the test of time with unbeatable quality.

Hino gives Isuzu a run for its money

Hino has been a staple on Canadian roads for more than 50 years. Give us a call, or click here to send us a message! Toggle navigation Hino vs. Isuzu FTR Looking for more power? Contact Us We're closed Leave us a voicemail or send us a message Give us a call, or click here to send us a message! Connect With Us. All Rights Reserved. Use of this site is subject to: terms of useprivacy policy.The competitive field for light delivery trucks suitable for car drivers — especially rental fleets — is hard fought and two facts are indisputable.

First, Isuzu is king of the crop and has been for what seems for ever. Second, the Japanese cab-over trucks in this sector possess a surplus of reliability, enjoy good resale value and as a result have seen off Chinese brands packing more equipment into the package and costing a lot less up front.

This road test is on the heels of the Fuso Canter Duonic tested last month and is a good comparison of different approaches to the same market requirements. In short, Hino has turned its back on automated manual transmissions for its small truck range and decided instead to offer either a six- speed manual with a single overdrive ratio, or an Aisin torque converter six-speed full automatic with overdrive on fifth and sixth.

If grunt is your big thing, the Hino easily outclasses its Isuzu and Fuso competitors. The 4. A factor in that difference is the Isuzu and Fuso engines are only 3. On the highway I found the gearbox ratios perfectly spaced and it was easy to switch the box into overdrive as I reached cruising speed, about rpm, and eased off the throttle. It must be difficult for cab designers to be creative when the cab footprint is predetermined by usage and the driver has to sit on top of the engine.

But Hino has managed to give the a rounded design combining attractiveness with aerodynamic efficiency, and allowed plenty of leg room. My test truck was bound for a torturous life in rental land and was therefore specced with a sharp and lightweight pantech body from Park Motor Body Builders in Bassendean.

A Few Reasons the 2018 Hino 155 is a Better Class 4 Truck Than the Isuzu 155 Diesel

A quasi chequer-plate floor saves weight and boosts payload and the Dhollandia fold-away tailgate lift saves the fridges getting dropped by the weekend house-moving amateurs. But the biggest difference between the Hino and its opposition is the driveline. Close navigation menu Subscribe Log In. Today's Paper. West Rewards.

hino 155 vs isuzu npr

The West Live. Search Search. Subscribe Subscribe Chevron Right Icon. Hino gives Isuzu a run for its money. David Meredith The West Australian. Mon, 13 March PM. Camera Icon The Hino cab is wide and spacious with great side vision.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Both are same price, same specs, except Isuzu has optional LSD.

hino 155 vs isuzu npr

Hino has a 3yr maintenance package that includes free oil changes which is a nice bonus. Hino looks nicer if you ask me but its for work so that's not the deciding factor. Anyone have experience with NRR? I've read good reviews on here about the Hino Please help me decide!

Location Charlotte NC. I haven't had either, but I would go with Hino. I thought Hino was more expensive. Hino has been a world leader in trucks for a long time and I like to be different. Everyone in this business has Isuzu trucks. Probably because the NPR is available with a less costly gas engine.

Location maple ontario.Leading head to head in the marketplace, the Hino and the Isuzu NRR are often top picks for their size and maneuverability. But which is the best choice? When it comes to space and comfort, the Hino is the clear winner, with two large overhead storage compartments and plush seats. Known for their dependability, Toyota is the manufacturer of Hino, with the same reputation for quality and reliability. Coverage includes a variety of emergency situations, such as a lockout, battery jumpstart, and more.

Using the latest technology in Telematics by Telogis, Remote Diagnostics, and Case Management, your will be able to track the health of your fleet with real-time vehicle status alerts, a custom dashboard, and industry benchmarking. When it comes to pleasing their customers, Hino is in for the long haul.

Learn more about the differences between Hino and Isuzu by talking to one of our sales experts today at Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 3fc1f9cfaed2fdaf57fb Follow Us.

In addition, Hino maintains the following unique competitive advantages:. Made by Toyota. Hino Insight. Engine Warranty:. Optional Warranty:. Transmission Warranty:. Not Available. Conclusion: When it comes to pleasing their customers, Hino is in for the long haul. October 27, Good things come in small packages. Great things come in small, powerful packages. It comes available in a standard cab and also a crew cab DC with seating capacity up to seven for the whole crew.

The is up to the toughest of tasks with best-in-class frame yield strength of 56, PSI while still providing the benefit of a tight turning radius to get you in and out of the tightest of spaces. Total support, brick by brick. Hino partner Aisin is a leader in the industry with over 40 years experience manufacturing durable, quality transmissions. We have been waiting a long time for a viable hybrid option that could be designed to accommodate all of the equipment we take out to the field every day.

Air conditioning is standard. So is a CD. Tilt and Telescoping steering column? Of course. Cruise control? Got it.

Hino 195 vs Isuzu NRR - I can't decide??

Our goal was to make this a great place to spend the day - then make sure it makes business sense. We think you'll like the combination. We placed the driving position high to gain a wide perspective of the road while also maintaining a good feel for the corners of the hood.

Learn more about the DC Double Cab. Strong, Straightforward, Dependable. Here's a better way to build a cab - high visibility, great comfort and super low noise levels. All-in-all, it's a great place for a driver to spend the day. With Toyota inspired interior design our cabs offer a complete package of the most necessary features and then kept it simple and serviceable.

Your drivers, technicians and accountants will love it. Hino Trucks offers the premier, industry-best engine warranty. Our Conventionals come standard with a 5 years,mileage extended warranty coverage, and our Cab-overs come standard with a 5 years,mileage extended warranty coverage while additional optional coverages are available for the engine and aftertreatment system. Let's just say we have confidence in the Hino J-Series engine family and we back it up with the industry's best warranty!

In addition to the standard items covered by Hino Trucks' past engine warranty, the new coverage has been expanded to cover key components such as fuel injectors, the fuel injection supply pump and the turbo charger.

Hino Trucks' proprietary J08 engine is the industry's most-awarded medium-duty truck engine and our warranty backs up the talk. We've got your back! Covered that is.Good luck getting more reviews. IADMS Bangalore Taking feedback from customers in form of review is great for business and many customers before buying products search for reviews and after reading reviews they buy or order for the product. Introducing Customer Journeys and Conversations Get better at customer service with Kayako, The Unified Customer Service Platform Learn more.

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